Quote from the "Son of a Surrogate" Blog

Quote from the "Son of a Surrogate" Blog

It looks to me like I was bought and sold. You can dress it up with as many pretty words as you want. You can wrap it up in a silk freaking scarf. You can pretend these are not your children. You can say it is a gift or you donated your egg to the IM. But the fact is that someone has contracted you to make a child, give up your parental rights and hand over your flesh and blood child. I dont care if you think I am not your child, what about what I think! Maybe I know I am your child.When you exchange something for money it is called a commodity.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Cinderella Effect

 Up until tonight my only contact with other products of donations like myself has exclusively been through watching documentaries, reading blogs etc., all forms were exclusively online. Tonight I got to talk to someone who is a product of sperm donation. It took 29 years, but now I feel less isolated, there is someone who I can talk to who has walked in my shoes. I confided in her that I have a history with my adopted mom and biological father of physical, and mental abuse. I shared with her that I didn’t want to share this part of my story because I didn’t want people to have the ability to say that my thoughts and feelings toward these reproductive techniques were solely due to my abuse, that my story was a one in a million possibility for their families if they chose to pursue sperm/egg donation, or surrogacy. She shared with me that this is a crucial part of the story that it’s being proven that children who are not raised with their biological children have a higher statistic for abuse. I was floored! When you think about this it does make sense just in observations typically don’t you see mom’s in the family having more patience with their children’s antics then babysitters or the other adults in their l
The more research I am doing about adoption issues, (which are relevant to children conceived via modern technologies) the more shocking information I find.
I feel that this piece of information is an extremely powerful reason why we should not be bringing more children into this world in this manner!
 I’m including the links to some articles which explain “the Cinderella Effect” more clearly then I ever could.


  1. Hi Jessica,
    Bob F here. I didn't know it was you when I got the email. But it caught my attention right away so I knew I wanted to learn more. You know me :)
    In seconds upon reading I figured it out.
    So glad to see that you are doing this.
    Good on you :)

  2. Thanks :), I should have been clearer on the email! I greatly appreciate the support.